About Australian Sports

Australian Sports are an significant component of Australia which dates back from its early indigenous past. Australian rules soccer, rugby, basketball, tennis and rugby league are amongst the earliest organized sports in Australia. The first mention of Australian Sports can be traced to the arrival of Captain Cook in the Sydney colony in 1769 who brought with him, by way of his ship, a variety of aquatic animals including lobsters, crayfish, shrimps, hares and turtles. Since that time, sporting events have been continually demonstrated across Australia, from beach lug runs to rugby games and soccer tournaments.

Australian Sports have developed into a number of professional and competitive sports which have become the pride and joy of the Australian people. The main Australian sporting competitions are Cricket, Australian Football, Australian Rules Soccer, National Basketball League, Australian Tennis, Australian Skiing and Motor Cycling Teams. A number of non-professional Australian sports too have sprung up in recent times such as cricket matches, horse racing and badminton. Another notable sport here is ice hockey. However, the mainstay of Australian Sports are Australian Rules Football, Australian Football Association, Australian Rugby League, Australian Tennis, Australian Whitewater Ravers Association and Australian State Rugby Union.

Over the last century, there have been some prominent players who have graced the sporting field in this country. Benoni Beach, Matthew Hilton, John Howard, Simon Whitford, Mark Taylor and John Fassell are just a few of them. These names and the current crop of stars like Wayne Gretzky, Brian Bosworth, Mark Fabulous and John Morrison are just a few of the names that have made the sport of Australian Sports famous all over the world. It has become the national sport of the country with the current team, the Western Australian Kangaroos, winning the 2021 preliminary finals in England.

Australian Sports are very popular in this country as well as in other countries in the world for that matter. The Kangaroos are the official sport of this country. As far as the National Basketball League (NBL) is concerned, it is widely regarded as the most popular basketball league in the entire world today. So if you are planning to join any of these three sports, there is no doubt about it that you would love the experience and the thrill that it gives to people. The Australian Sports certainly add more spice to their games and make them more entertaining to watch.

Cricket and badminton are the two other chief sports that are played here. People from all ages and walks of life love playing these sports. They can be engaged actively by taking part in local tournaments. Competitions such as the MCG Women’s Volleyball Tournament and the Australian Open for Badminton are held regularly.

Australian Sports are all about passion and hard work. This is reflected in the attitude of the players as well as in the attitude of the country as a whole. There are many who take the game very seriously and regard it as their only profession. So if you are planning to join any of the three sports, just visit Australia and experience the magic of Australian Sports.

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